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(Up-to-date Pre-cautions followed as per Ministry of Health guidelines)

Our team of experienced Registered Physiotherapists specialize in Orthopaedic, Neurological, Cardio-vascular and pain management treatments. They are also qualified to perform advanced acupuncture and hands on manual therapy techniques for various dysfunctions.


  • Stroke Rehab
  • ​General Mobility
  • ​Pain Management
  • Walking assistance 
  • ​Balance program
  • ​Strengthening
  • Bed Mobility Exercises
  • ​Standing help
  • ​ADP Application

What previous patients have said

My physio helped me to walk much better and got me off the wheelchair with exercises that increased my independence. Highly recommended.
- Mississauga Senior Resident.

My physiotherapy treatment made me much stronger and helped me to get back to work in a period of 6 weeks. Thank you for the help. I truly appreciate you.
- Mississauga Resident.

After taking physiotherapy, I was able to recover from stroke and gain my strength to walk around the house independently with walker.
- Stroke Client in Mississauga.

Amit Ambegaonkar is a licensed Physiotherapist in the Province of Ontario and can provide services related to Physiotherapy in Ontario only. Any query or consultations will not be provided to clients outside the province of Ontario.

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